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Dru DeCaro

Grammy-nominated producer and guitarist Dru DeCaro is a rare sort...Born in Baltimore, MD and having moved to Los Angeles, Calif. as a teen, DeCaro is one of the dwindling few modern guitar heroes, a real axeman also known for singing, writing & producing records with his signature flair. Known for his stormy rock n roll tone, R&B soul and jazzy subtlety, his playing owes as much to Jimmy Page as it does to Nile Rodgers as it does to Wes Montgomery. 

Lenny Green


His whole life, he's been involved in music since the age of 5, and signed to Motown Records at 21. Lenny currently runs and maintains his own recording studio where he continues to work as a Musical Director and Songwriter/Composer for various movie, TV and radio projects. A recording engineer, an independent producer as well as a Multimedia Designer/Video Editor. 

Jeana Potthoff

Jeana is a composer from the Midwest, specializing in solo piano and orchestral/soundtrack pieces.  She also writes music for lyrics.  Jeana has been a private music instructor for over twenty years, teaching both piano and violin. 

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