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Fresh off the successful release of her debut single, “We Don’t Paint the Town,” which charted at 64 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart,  singer-songwriter-producer-composer Kris Bradley brings a fresh and unique sound to the airwaves. This sassy tunesmith, who has had songs placed on both Cartoon Network and the E! Channel, is known for her upbeat melodies, fresh production style, sultry vocals and uniquely clever lyrics.  Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Nashville, she spends most of her time collaborating with top notch producers and up and coming artists.

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Ray is a Los Angeles based Composer/Producer who has spent over 3 decades Recording, Writing & Performing, as well as Sound Designing & Mixing for Music & Post Production in LA, Boston, New York, & Toronto. He studied Music Theory and Classical Guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Music University of Toronto, and Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College London Ontario. He has worked on Television Programs for all major networks, Independent and Theatrical Film, Radio, Industrial, and Web content.


Robert is a Universal Music songwriter/recording artist, TV composer, performer, music producer and music educator. He has taught music business, independent record production and music publishing for over twenty years at Mercy College, New York University and Queensborough College. He also holds a Master’s degree in Music Technology from New York University. 

Robert has written for and been featured in numerous Domestic and International television shows and projects.

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