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Artist Development


Need a track for your next commercial, TV episodic or film?  We offer a Music Library with incredibly talented emerging and established artists and composers. If you find yourself in need of an Original Composition that is perfectly tailored to fit your project. No need to worry! WE are YOUR One-Stop Music House with phenomenal House Composers to create EXACTLY what you are looking for, if it isn’t readily available in our Production Music Library.    

Independent Artist Licensing Boutique


DA Music has a House Lead Music Supervisor who currently sits on the board of the UK and European Guild of Music Supervisors. He has a wealth of knowledge in many aspects of the music industry and is highly capable of making your production run smooth and seamless. 

Music Supervisors act as mediators between production teams and composers and their teams, which may include orchestrators, engineers, copyists, musician's contractors, etc. They also suggest ideas, and research and obtain rights to source music for films. Music Supervisors oversee spotting sessions (deciding on where the director wants music, and why), recruit and contract musicians, book recording studios and attend sessions, ensuring that delivery requirements are fulfilled. If the music is to be published, they ensure that it is registered properly, and that cue sheets are dispatched.

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Business Operations
Custom Music Library


Here at DA Music, we have several in-house composers who are ready to compose and produce music tailor-made to your needs.  We are able to create anything from custom scores to mnemonics. Whatever you need for your project or production, we can create in any genre and deliver on a tight schedule.  If you want something specific, just ask! 


Follow the link below to watch our composers' film and TV reels.

Writing Music
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